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a post of a post

2011-02-24 16:44:58 by arden18

Here A post of a post...
i have to add more though...

a post of a post


2011-02-21 17:09:34 by arden18

I made another Painting! Horray!

Please comment and tell me if you like it! And be sure to write a review here

Anyway here it is:


Work in progress!

2011-02-01 13:09:20 by arden18

Yay! I feel important! I'm making a audio portal entry! I'm going to be parodying rappers! Such as:
Lil wayne,
Kanye west,
And Justin bieber (Though he's not acually a rapper)

And others! I don't want too ruin it though so thats as much as i will say.

Yay! This will be awesome! I will record it then post it in the audio portal when i'm done!

A post of a post

2011-01-29 19:36:21 by arden18

Here A post of a post....
I have to add more though...

A post of a post


2011-01-24 13:25:06 by arden18

Just so people know (not that anyone cares) i redid The funky cube painting




2011-01-22 20:38:18 by arden18

Im writing this post from my wii!!! It's really awesome cause we got Wifi THIS ROCKS!!!

- Arden18 :D

This is a FUN game

2010-12-14 21:52:39 by arden18

I know this game is old, But it's still really fun, and it's a nerdy game.

Play it here:

Gates vs. Jobs: The Game

NEW ART!!!!!!!!!

2010-12-02 21:57:04 by arden18

Look! it's not in the art portal yet :\, but im hoping it will be soon though :)

So check it out and please reccomend it!

It's called calligraphy river, Beacause you guessed it, it was made with a calligraphy brush

Here it is:

NEW ART!!!!!!!!!


2010-11-07 01:24:24 by arden18

Hey Everyone I Just Submitted A Piece Of Art To The Portal But It's Not Up Because No one Recommended It Yet. So If You Guys Could Recommend It That Would Be Awesome. You Guys Are The Best. Also Here's The Link For It Thanks!

Funky Cube

One More Thing Please Comment If You Recommended It And Share It With Your Friends!

For All You Nerds Out There

2010-11-05 17:47:18 by arden18

Its Called Nerd Wars Where Two People (Jeff And Adam) Debate Over Who Would Win In A Fight. So Check It Out And If You Like It Be Sure to Subscribe

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